Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Under the Sink Organization

My poor cat got sick this weekend and I had to take her to the vet. The vet I usually take her to was closed on Sunday, so I had to find another vet that was open. 

I ended up taking her to Banfield Pet Hospital. While I was there I signed her up for the Banfield Wellness Plan. The savings from just the first visit were amazing. I saved over $300!! I mean holy buckets.

So she has been sick before so I was looking for the food that the vet gave me to get her re-hydrated. I thought it was under the sink, so I started moving bottles of window cleaner and bathtub cleaner out of the way trying to find this food I was so sure I had.

NOPE! I didn't have any left but I did get the sink somewhat organized, so that's a plus.

Sorry there was no before picture. I wasn't thinking I was going to organize under the sink when I started so I didn't get a picture taken.

It isn't perfect... I could probably throw away some of those old cans of bathroom cleaner. I mean I don't need three different cleaners for the tub.

Anyway it's nice to have the sink organized so when I need to find something it is within easy reach.

Next up organizing the cabinets!

What have you organized lately? Any tips?

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