Monday, July 21, 2014

Trip To The Library

I mentioned in a either post that the finance and I took a trip downtown to the public library and as promised here are some picture of the building. 

There were three different floors; two of books and one with the front desk. Each floor had a lobby and two sides. 

Each side had one of these above each door to specify what type of books were inside.

I just love it!

In the lobby were the elevators. The doors of the elevators were just spectacular! 

Even the stair rails leading up to each floor were beautiful.

Notice the Finance's legs.

Oh and did I mention that the stairs were marble!

I just love going into these old buildings and looking around. We didn't check out any books that day since we have a whole bookcase full to read, so we will be going back at some point to get a library card and start reading some books.

Do you have any old building in your neighborhood like this library? What type of books do you like to read? Let me know if you have any book recommendations. 

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